Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Day to Remember

     We had been in country for 24 days waiting for court.  Time is not the same in Ukraine and I'm not talking about the time difference.  They move to the beat of a different drummer for sure.  They always seem puzzled by our fixation on schedules.  Time is unhurried there.  BUT we had changed tickets twice, our plane was leaving the next morning at O Dark Hundred and we needed to be on it!  Our Philip's much anticipated 17th birthday was in two days and we needed to be there!  This didn't seem to make much of an impression.

     We were told by our facilitator who knows a little English,  that court would be at 11:30 or 12:00.  That came and went and no word.  We went down to see Molly before she became officially ours. 

She calls us Mama and Papa but doesn't understand what that really means.  How could she?  She's never had a family.  The orphanage director came down with us to Molly's room and posed with us.
Tatiana is a wonderful woman and a great advocate for these kids.  We went back upstairs to her office to wait and wait.  She got busy signing papers so we were hopeful that court maybe would really happen after all.  We were looking through pictures and found a publication with Molly's picture on it.  She was just a baby!
At four thirty Tatiana motioned for us to come with her.  We have no translator so we mainly smile at each other and play charades.  She had a car and motioned for us to get in.  We went on the very bumpy roads to get to the courthouse and our facilitator wasn't there.  He is Tatiana's son however so we knew she was in contact with him.  They at least can talk to one another!  We were more than a little relieved when we saw Andre pull up with our translator and social worker.  Whew!!
When we were waiting in the hall our translator, who they used when we got Marina Joy, told us that it was a holiday in Ukraine.  Guess what it was?  Adoption day!  She told us it was an official day of Hope and Love in Ukraine.  How about that???  God did have a plan after all!!!
Court was in the same small room with the same nice judge.  He smiled as he went through the documents and saw all our children.  We amuse him.  He did say that Molly had never had a visitor, that no one cared for her at all.  I remember hearing those words nine months ago when we adopted Marina Joy.  Both girls are from the same baby house.  Molly was transferred there at the age of 3.  They've always known one another. 
We got the decision at six thirty.  Marina Joy and Molly are now sisters.  Fourteen children, two call heaven their home but 12 are left here with us.  Six boys, six girls.  Perfect!  We are so blessed!
Thank you all for going on this journey with us.  We aren't done yet!  David goes back for Molly on the 19th.  We had to get our fingerprints redone last week.  Hopefully they'll make their way to Ukraine next week.  Our daughter Liz is getting married this Saturday.  What a busy blessed life we have!  Thank you for your prayers and your support!  If you would like to donate to help us bring Molly home you can do so on this page.  God bless you all!!


  1. Congrats! We are rejoicing with you!!!

    Greg & Allison Dull