Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What a day!!!

     The day finally arrived!  Our baby girl, our only birth daughter, getting married!  We had two weeks to prepare for the big day once we got home from Ukraine.  The alterations got done, the shoes were bought, matching ties for 5 guys....the list went on and on.  We took three helpers with us to get us through the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.  It was a job getting 8 kids clothes, shoes, toiletries, plus our clothes.  We almost left my dress!!!

     We arrived on Friday just minutes before the rehearsal at 4:30.  All the kids needed to come as most of them were in it.  Emily was a junior bridesmaid.  Jack and Philip had baskets of programs that they gave out at the door.  Anya had the guestbook for everyone to sign.  Tom and Ben walked me down the aisle.  They were all so proud to be a part of this wedding.

    Dave had the best job of all, walking his baby girl down the aisle.  She was radiant and joyful as every bride should be.  I couldn't take my eyes off of her.  She only has eyes for Bryce and I hope someone took a picture of him seeing his bride. 
The program was absolutely wonderful.  The scripture reading was from Song of Solomon.  Dave and I had just bought a wedding picture with the scripture on it that was used in the wedding.  It was a God thing.  Liz picked the song, A Thousand Miles by Mark Schultz, one of our favorite artists.  We were so pleased!  Dave said a blessing over the couple.  There was not a dry eye in the house!
After the wedding the photographers took our pictures again because we missed some people on the first try.  Can't wait to see the one of all the Daulton children except Molly.  Dave goes to pick her up on the 19th.  One of the many thoughtful things they had at the reception was a memory table.

So Brian and Daniel and my parents photos were on display with others from Bryce's family.  It was a sweet touch.
It says, "We know you'd be here today, If heaven weren't so far away"
The reception was so fun!  They had a great DJ, a photo booth for the young and young at heart to have their pictures taken with silly props.  You got to keep a copy and they glued the other copy on a scrapbook page.  What a great idea!
I did not know where our table was but I figured it was the one with the coloring pages!  They had crayons on top of a page with a bride and groom riding off into the sunset.  One of the neat things they did was after the traditional bouquet toss and garter toss they did a teddy bear toss for the kids!  My great niece caught the teddy bear!
Dave and Liz danced to Butterfly Kisses and I don't know how he got through it.  I was a mess!  He said he and Liz talked the whole time and he didn't even hear the song.  That's how he did it!

One of the great things about a wedding is seeing relatives.  All four of my sisters made it there which made everything sweeter!  Three of my sisters and my niece Mandy were in an automobile accident on the way to the wedding on Friday night.  It was raining horribly and there were a lot of accidents.  They hydroplaned across three lanes of traffic, never hit anyone, and ended up facing traffic.  The guardrails stopped them and people were whizzing by.  A lady in an SUV stopped and called 911.  She told the girls she was going to pull her SUV out so traffic would have to go past her.  She waited for 911 and then left.  They never got her name.  She was an angel.
This is a picture of me and my sisters at brunch the morning after.  Such a good time was had by all!
Dave leaves this Saturday to pick up the last Daulton kid!  We are still short by a few thousand and could use your help.  Thanks for coming on this journey with us!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful wedding! Meredith was married in 2010 and now has a beautiful baby girl. I remember when we all traveled to Ukraine together with Elizabeth and Meredith. Our very first international adoption. Please update with pictures as soon as you can after Dave arrives home with her. I can hardly wait to see her home with family.