Friday, August 31, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

     Although we've been having a lot of rain lately and games have been cancelled on account of the weather, the sun came out yesterday and dried up the land for a perfect game!!  The sun was shining and the field was ready for the men's softball teams of New Life Providence to play their first ever fundraising game.
     We gathered on the field for a prayer before the game and the game was off to a good start.  Our Ben hit the first ball while our Phil ran the bases.  They were both so thrilled!!  We brought some snacks and drinks to sell and our new friend Kristen brought cupcakes and cookies for us to sell to raise money.  One of them sold for $20 and she assures me that is the most she's ever sold a cupcake for.  Thanks to all of you who purchased goodies from us!
     The men's softball team sold almost $700 in tickets to help us bring our little one home!  A big thanks goes out to Jeff Guill who heads up the softball team and dreamed up this fundraiser.  He presented trophies to the men who sold the most tickets on each team and even a restaurant gift certificate to the top seller overall. 
     Our hats are off to you Jeff for stepping up to the plate and batting a homerun for us!  Your outreach to us is so very encouraging.  Our burden is lighter because it has been shared....thank you! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here we are again at this adoption thing!  Never thought I'd be saying we're adopting again.  Ten years ago we got Vanya and thought we were done for sure.  Of course we've thought and said that after all 7 adoptions.  Gotta learn to stop saying  "We're done."
We are hoping to return to Eastern Europe again to get the little girl God has placed on our hearts.  She is ten years old, 35 lbs. and has Down Syndrome.  She is the sweetheart of the institution and the director is so hoping that this one will get  a home.  We are hoping to get over there soon so we can have her home for the holidays. 
If you would like to help with us with the cost of this international adoption you can mail your checks to Father's Heart and mail it to 3808 Poplar Rd., Suite D; Chesapeake, Va.  23321.