Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blessings Galore!!

     We are having so much fun with our newest gift from Ukraine!  Molly arrived with her dad on November 8th,  just two days before Jack's 17th birthday.  Dave left on the 19th of October to pick Molly up and thought two weeks would do it.  It should have.   A mistake was made on the passport which kept them there another whole week.  David spent that time bonding with our girl, feeding her and winning her heart.  She always preferred me on our trips there but she found out how FUN dad is and what a good cook too!
She just couldn't believe ALL that food was
 for her!!!
Molly has been home six weeks now and has learned many new words and signs.  One of her
favorite is EAT of course!  She has picked up the signs for STOP and BEAUTIFUL GIRL too!  She
doesn't respond to the name Molly but calls herself "Misha" which means "little mouse" in Russian.  She is a little mouse too so we call her Misha a lot.  She is so happy to be here and we are thrilled to have her home with us at last!!!
This was taken two days after she got home.  It was Jack's birthday and we were at a picnic for Special Olympics.  She did so well with all the people there.  She charmed them all!
Miss Molly was hanging onto my hand as she was very shy and apprehensive.  Those days are gone believe me!  She is still shy but busy exploring her new world.  She doesn't want to sleep at all! 

Molly loves to look out the front window when the kids leave for school.  I think she'd like to be with them but not yet.  We're working on getting her enrolled but love having her home with us.  We need time with our Misha. 

Today is very special because it is one year since Marina Joy has been home!  She has grown so much it's amazing!  She has gained 16 lbs and grown almost 4 inches in this short time!


  Marina Joy and Molly were put in the same baby house and transferred at the same time to a Level Four in Znemenka.  Their birth names were both Marina and they slept in the same pod.  They are six months apart in age with MJ being the youngest although Molly looks like she is the younger one.  Molly is only 3 ft. 5 inches and weighs 45 pounds.  She has gained 4 pounds already!  What she needs to do is grow taller!!! 

Here they are sharing a room again but it has windows and it's pink and pretty for these two princesses!  They have their own dressers full of their own clothes and a closet full of pretty things that don't have numbers on the front of them.
Isn't she pretty in pink? 

Our Marina's in their forever family.  Sisters at last.....  We are so blessed, blessed, blessed!!!!


                                       MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ALL THE DAULTON'S!!!!!