Saturday, August 3, 2013

We have a date!!!!!

     We finally got an appointment date!  Well, two to be more specific.  The first date was 8/15/13.  I  was amazed and a bit concerned as Dave was still in Ukraine.  It would leave him a week to get rested and ready to go again but I was game.  Even got a confirmation.  One never knows though when your doing an international adoption.  Things change so quickly!
     Later that day I was on the Internet just checking things and saw someone had mentioned me.  When I checked , sure enough, the date had been changed!  The new date is 9/9/13.  We're sticking to that one!  One thing Dave and I have learned is to roll with the  punches.  David called me to tell me he was home at last and making his way from Washington.  I got to share with him our new news.  Always something.  That's going to be the name of my book.  When I get time to write it.
     So this month I get to make plans to leave and get the kids ready for school and do wedding shopping!  Liz's bridal shower is going to be on the 24th.  I had to change the date to the 7th of September and then change it back to August 24th.  Liz, having been with us on three adoptions just said, "Will you be home in time for the wedding?"   It's October 12th and I wouldn't miss that for the world.  Maybe we''ll all be together.  All fourteen of us, with our Brian and Daniel looking on from heaven.  They wouldn't miss their sister's wedding either!    It'll be a great day!

Soon to be Mrs. Liz Anderson!  Come to think of it we're getting two new kids, Molly and Bryce.  Welcome to our crazy family Bryce!