Monday, July 14, 2014

The days are packed!

     We've had such a busy July and it's only getting busier!!!  Last weekend we had the pleasure of driving to Pennsylvania to the town both Dave and I grew up in for my 45th reunion.  It was a great getaway!  We loved seeing old friends and family.  My four sisters live in that neck of the woods and we had a great get together.

They met Dave and I at our favorite restaurant in Olean, the Beef and Barrel.  What a fun time we had there!  It was a wonderful afternoon with my sisters I miss so much.

     That night we attended my 45th reunion which was so much fun!  Didn't get any pictures though.  Too busy talking I guess.  It was great to reconnect with old friends.  We really do have a great class!

          We were able to share at the Believer's Biz luncheon on Thursday on our way out of town.  Our dear friend, Jenny Jensen, who was our keynote speaker two years ago in Ukraine came to speak at the luncheon.  Jenny is affectionately known as Jenny The Jewel.  She has Down Syndrome and is a walking testimony to the power of the Lord. 

We are home long enough to wash our clothes and pack for Ukraine.  We leave on Friday!!  The Zach Hardison band did a benefit concert for our trip while we were away.   We heard it was great fun and we're sorry we had to miss it.  Thanks to the Zach Hardison Band for blessing us with this concert and thanks to all those who came out. 

     The reports about Ukraine are dismal and it breaks our hearts to see what is happening to their land.  We are so blessed to have the freedom we have.  Our friends in Ukraine are happy we are still coming even when their country is in an upheaval.  We will be in central Ukraine far away from the unrest so don't be worried  but do pray for us!  Pray that our conference will minister the hope these people so badly need.  We are still raising money any way we can so please remember us in your giving and in your prayers.  We will be gone from the 18th to the 28th and will tell you all about it when we get back.  God bless you for your support.     In His Name,  Janie and Dave