Saturday, March 8, 2014


     Our little Molly girl who continues to call herself Misha, which I found out means "Little Bear" made a complete sentence this past week.  She looked at me and said very plainly, "I love Misha!"  She does and so do I!  Misha is such a gift to us.  She is now in school and seems to love it.  This is a picture of her coming home from school.  She is wearing her harness which keeps her in her seat in the bus.  She will not keep a seat belt on!

She has grown an inch in just 8 weeks and gained 11 pounds!  I am trying to grow her hair out of the bowl cut she came with, thus the pigtails.  I was amazed they were still in at the end of the day!  She is not fond of anything in her hair. 
You can see from this picture of her first haircut here at home just how much she's grown.  She's grown very comfortable here and is my official Mess Maker.  She's very good at it!

You can see how this Misha has grown up in such a short time.  It is a great joy to watch her blossom and thrive as we hoped she would.  She is growing into all the clothes Marina Joy grows out of.  Marina Joy will be 12 in just a few days.  We will have 2 twelve year olds for seven months.  We dedicated both girls to the Lord at our church on David's birthday.  It was very special.  This picture shows  Marina Joy and Molly's legs.  She was being held by our friend Maurice as she was being very shy.  David said a beautiful prayer.  It was very touching.

We got Molly's official U.S. Citizenship certificate in the mail yesterday!!!   Misha is the fifth child we have adopted from Ukraine.  Ukraine has been in the news lately and our hearts have been so torn for their country.  The people there are brave.  They have been protesting in Independence Square since November in the freezing cold and would not go home until their voices were heard.  Tragically it led to many deaths.  The streets are covered with flowers in every place a hero has fallen.  A peace treaty has been signed, the president has fled,  elections will be in May.   Kiev will never be the same and we pray for this country that has experienced such heart ache.

We will be heading to Ukraine this summer to do our conference.  God has put it on our hearts to start a respite center for children with disabilities in Kiev.  David will be traveling in April to visit the center in Odessa that Dr. Irina Galina runs and to other places in Ukraine.   We know God will make our mission clearer because of this trip.  Please pray with us for Ukraine as they are struggling with a teetering economy.  We will be visiting two special needs orphanages while we are there.  We are looking for interested persons who would like to go with us on this trip.  If you would like to donate to help the orphans you can use the Father's Heart link to do so.  May God bless you!!!
As you can tell it's been several days since I wrote this.  I've had no success with getting it published!  I'll add some new pictures of the girls and try again.
Marina was singing Happy Birthday in this picture!  She sings a lot!!!!
March 2nd was a very special day in our house.  Our Marina Joy turned 12 and our Emily Rose turned 19!  We've had Emily since she was just 7 weeks old so we've gotten to celebrate every one of her birthdays with her.  She's such a wonderful child and we feel so blessed to have her.  Even though Marina turned 12 this year it was only her second celebrated birthday.  We celebrated ALL DAY!!!
These last two are of us laying hands on the birthday girls and praying a blessing over them.  We've been doing that as long as I can remember and they all look forward to it. 
And the last one - Misha praising the Lord in church.  It didn't come naturally to her as it did to Marina Joy but she joins right in now.  What a joy!
Goodnight everyone!  Hope this time it lets me post!  God bless!