Saturday, September 28, 2013


     Because the internet connections are spotty, because the prompts are in Russian, because I have little to say, I haven't updated this blog in quite awhile.  We are 21 days in country now and I swore I'd be home by now.  I was determined not to have another stay like last time, 26 days, and here I sit.

     The good news is that court is on Monday!  We have hung in waiting for court because I cannot come back with David to pick up our little one.  I cannot leave the kids again for two weeks.  Last time our Ben was in the hospital most of the time we were here.  It was miserable, trying to be brave and praying for a good outcome.  This time our Ben has been a model child our caregivers tell us.  We are so happy to see signs of growth from Ben.  All our children seem to grow up when we are away.  It'll be so good to see them!

     We had to change our tickets again which cost a lot but what can you do?  The Lord went before us though and because we met a matching grant we had the money to change tickets two times.  He is so good!  Dave still needs the money to come back here in two weeks so we continue to pray for provision.  We will fly in the day before our Philip's 17th birthday!  He is so excited about this birthday and we cannot miss it!

     Our little Molly has bonded very nicely with us.  We are happy to spend time with her each day.  She is a precious one who deserves a chance at life.  Can't wait to watch her blossom and grow. 

God bless you all for praying for us supporting us.  Please share our story with your friends!  We are not done yet.  ALMOST! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Waiting Game

     We've been here a week now and the wheels do move slowly!  We had a few nice days last week that we got to visit with Heather/Molly and the other kids outside.  It was great to see the kids outside enjoying the fresh air!  The kids remember us from past visits and are quick to gather around and play.  They like our camera's very much and are constantly posing for pictures.  We have been impressed with the level of care the staff gives to these kids.  They are so well taken care of here.

     We built the first playground here back in 2005 courtesy of our friends from Play Mart.  Nathan Beach was a friend from church and heard about this orphanage and our mission to it.  We told him they had nothing but a couple of tires coming out of the ground to play on.  He took it to his parents, the owners of Play Mart ,and we met with them.  They told us they would love to fulfill the director, Tatiana's dream of a playset  for her children.  They graciously gave them a $19k playground which Dave and friends put up with the help of many workers.  Many years later there is a regular playground for the children as others have come alongside this orphanage to help them.

I have pictures of the other playground now but I have not been able to download them yet.  Sorry.  We are without internet access most of the time.  We come to our home away from home, The Food Gallery, for WiFi which sometimes works!  It is life in Ukraine!
We should hear very soon about when our day in court will be.  We are trying not to be anxious and to enjoy our time here.  It is hard, as any of you know who've done international adoptions, to be away from the children at home and all the things you should be doing!  We are now raising money on a $500.00 matching grant.  We still have about $350.00 to go!  Please read this and donate if possible.  Share our story with your friends please!  Here are some pictures of our girl who turned 12 on Friday!  She is the size of a four year old now.  God bless you !



Sunday, September 1, 2013

Six days and counting!

     We are blessed!  This Sunday the sermon was all about the blessings of God with a capital B!  Pastor Dan talked about how our Heavenly Father wants to bless us even more that we want to bless our own children.  For those who are parents, you know there is nothing that gives you more delight than hearing your children squeal with delight at Christmas when they open that "perfect" present.  It blesses us so much.  Maybe that's why God loves to bless us.  He wants to see our delight with His gifts. 
     My husband and I have been working hard on making our youngest biological child, our only "homegrown" girl, delight in the present we got for her bridal shower.  It wasn't another gadget from Bed, Bath and Beyond or a new couch or a big ticket item.  It was a gift from our heart.  When she opened the scrapbook we put together of her life she was delighted. She said she couldn't read the message her father wrote her on his page because her eyes were blurry.  Ah, that's what we wanted.  All those long nights finding pictures, scanning them, looking for just the right one.  It was worth it.  Our girl has a book filled with pictures of her with every sibling, all 13 of them. 
     Liz was with us for every adoption except marina joy.  She had been living on her own by that time for 10 years.  But she has pictures of her with every sibling, "homegrown" and " handpicked" in this album.  Family is so precious and we wanted her to have her old family with her as she enters into her new family.  We will always be family.
This picture is our First Family.   Our precious children.  Our gifts.   Brian, the blonde haired, blue eyed boy on the left now lives in Heaven.  He was our gift for 4 years but gave us gifts to last a lifetime.   When he died a part of us died too.  I suppose he is part of the reason we began adopting.  You see, when you lose a child you never quite see life the same way.  It becomes more precious, more urgent, more miraculous.
And this is our Second Family.  Our precious children.  Our gifts.  Tommy, the third boy in the back, hidden by his sister Anya, is one of the "homegrown." gifts. Our sweet boy born with Down Syndrome.  I suppose he's the other reason we began to adopt.  When you have a child with Down Syndrome you never look at life the same way.  After you get over the first shock you find life is sweeter, more magical, there are more reasons to celebrate.
And this is the darling we're going to get in just six days!  I love this picture of her.  I'm hugging her so hard she's cross eyed!  Heather/Molly is almost twelve, probably the size of a three year old.  She'll be 12 in September.  We've known her since she was nine.  When I first saw her in the institution we work with, I thought she was a mistake.  Surely they have to be five to come to a place like this.  This girl looked to be two.  She had a bonnet on.  They assured us she was nine.  Unreal!  We look forward to her coming home and blossoming just like all the others have.  Marina Joy has been with us for 8 months, grown over two inches and gained over ten pounds.  It's such an honor to be able to watch them grow and thrive.  
Please help us bring our sweet girl home.  She's a sweet girl who has captured our hearts.  Please give if you can, if you feel led.  We feel sure God will provide.  He gives such good gifts!!!