Saturday, September 28, 2013


     Because the internet connections are spotty, because the prompts are in Russian, because I have little to say, I haven't updated this blog in quite awhile.  We are 21 days in country now and I swore I'd be home by now.  I was determined not to have another stay like last time, 26 days, and here I sit.

     The good news is that court is on Monday!  We have hung in waiting for court because I cannot come back with David to pick up our little one.  I cannot leave the kids again for two weeks.  Last time our Ben was in the hospital most of the time we were here.  It was miserable, trying to be brave and praying for a good outcome.  This time our Ben has been a model child our caregivers tell us.  We are so happy to see signs of growth from Ben.  All our children seem to grow up when we are away.  It'll be so good to see them!

     We had to change our tickets again which cost a lot but what can you do?  The Lord went before us though and because we met a matching grant we had the money to change tickets two times.  He is so good!  Dave still needs the money to come back here in two weeks so we continue to pray for provision.  We will fly in the day before our Philip's 17th birthday!  He is so excited about this birthday and we cannot miss it!

     Our little Molly has bonded very nicely with us.  We are happy to spend time with her each day.  She is a precious one who deserves a chance at life.  Can't wait to watch her blossom and grow. 

God bless you all for praying for us supporting us.  Please share our story with your friends!  We are not done yet.  ALMOST! 

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  1. She is so cute ! I can't believe how long you have been there -- I guess our adoption was a breeze -- such short trips. That is the hard part for me -- being gone from the other kids. Keep me posted.