Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gifts, Gifts and More Gifts

Most people get excited about their birthdays.  I did until I was 34.  On that birthday our son Brian died an unexpected death at the age of four.  The doctors kept him on life support until the next day so we could "have time to get used to it".  As if you ever get used to something like that.
It took many, many years before I could anticipate my birthday with anything but dread.  My husband and children did their best to make me happy and I pretended as best I could but my heart wasn't in any celebration.  All that changed dramatically in 2005 when the Lord healed my grieving heart during an intense time of Bible study.  I got really free for the first time since 1985!  Birthdays were once again a cause for celebrating.
This year I told my husband I wanted a rocker so I could rock our little one when she comes home.  I'm sure with 1 caregiver to every 16 kids she has never been rocked!  All our kids from the orphanage have come home doing the "orphanage rock" which continues for quite awhile.  For those  of you who aren't familiar with this it is when they rock themselves in bed to go to sleep.  It's the saddest thing. 
Anyway, when it came to the big day I was told to go to my room and stay there until called!  When I came out there was a beautiful rocking chair with a footstool.  What a beautiful gift!  As I was sitting in it my husband told me there was a pocket on the side of the rocker.  Knowing how much he loves surprises I immediately checked the pocket and there was an envelope.  I opened it up and found our approval letter from Immigration!!!  What a gift!
We decided to go to Richmond with all our documents the very next morning.  When we got there Dave took all 37 documents to be apostilled so we can send them overseas.  We decided to meet our good friend Sharon for lunch.  We adopted with Sharon and her husband 11 years ago and we find ourselves both adopting again internationally.  We commiserated with each other about the Joys of Fundraising during lunch.  Often it is a lonely road we walk in faith hoping for God to show up and give us direction and encouragement.
When we got back out to the car I had a text message from a friend.  When I opened it up I read, "We would like to contribute 5k to your adoption.  The money will be coming asap".  What a gift!!!
The Lord showed us He was there all along and we are not alone.  He gave us not only much needed funds but also confirmation that we are on the right track.  He is good.  He is kind.  He is faithful. I know Him as sweet. 
Monday was the anniversary of Brian's death and God gave me a hug from heaven.  I can count on Him to touch me on hard days and let me know I don't walk alone.  What a gift!