Monday, September 16, 2013

The Waiting Game

     We've been here a week now and the wheels do move slowly!  We had a few nice days last week that we got to visit with Heather/Molly and the other kids outside.  It was great to see the kids outside enjoying the fresh air!  The kids remember us from past visits and are quick to gather around and play.  They like our camera's very much and are constantly posing for pictures.  We have been impressed with the level of care the staff gives to these kids.  They are so well taken care of here.

     We built the first playground here back in 2005 courtesy of our friends from Play Mart.  Nathan Beach was a friend from church and heard about this orphanage and our mission to it.  We told him they had nothing but a couple of tires coming out of the ground to play on.  He took it to his parents, the owners of Play Mart ,and we met with them.  They told us they would love to fulfill the director, Tatiana's dream of a playset  for her children.  They graciously gave them a $19k playground which Dave and friends put up with the help of many workers.  Many years later there is a regular playground for the children as others have come alongside this orphanage to help them.

I have pictures of the other playground now but I have not been able to download them yet.  Sorry.  We are without internet access most of the time.  We come to our home away from home, The Food Gallery, for WiFi which sometimes works!  It is life in Ukraine!
We should hear very soon about when our day in court will be.  We are trying not to be anxious and to enjoy our time here.  It is hard, as any of you know who've done international adoptions, to be away from the children at home and all the things you should be doing!  We are now raising money on a $500.00 matching grant.  We still have about $350.00 to go!  Please read this and donate if possible.  Share our story with your friends please!  Here are some pictures of our girl who turned 12 on Friday!  She is the size of a four year old now.  God bless you !




  1. Oh Jane, I was so excited to see you had updated when I got up this morning! She is adorable, but looks much younger than 12. I pray you get a court date soon and will be on your way home as soon as possible. I know it is a slow process and hard to be away from home for so long. That is the hardest part for me when adopting -- being away from my other kids for so long. I hope you and Dave enjoy your time there as much as possible and I sure hope you are able to post more pictures -- we had a terrible time with Internet when we were in the little mountain village of Bulgaria where Bella lived. We would try to get a connection for hours and usually gave up. God bless you and keep in touch when you get home.

    1. It is spotty here. Never know when we might get internet. Will try for more pictures today!