Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here we are again at this adoption thing!  Never thought I'd be saying we're adopting again.  Ten years ago we got Vanya and thought we were done for sure.  Of course we've thought and said that after all 7 adoptions.  Gotta learn to stop saying  "We're done."
We are hoping to return to Eastern Europe again to get the little girl God has placed on our hearts.  She is ten years old, 35 lbs. and has Down Syndrome.  She is the sweetheart of the institution and the director is so hoping that this one will get  a home.  We are hoping to get over there soon so we can have her home for the holidays. 
If you would like to help with us with the cost of this international adoption you can mail your checks to Father's Heart and mail it to 3808 Poplar Rd., Suite D; Chesapeake, Va.  23321. 

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