Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's May!

We've been having so many computer problems I have not been able to post anything.  Our laptop crashed and we found out the motherboard is fried.  It's only a year old!  I have just now been able to download some pictures from my camera onto this new laptop so here goes....

These were taken at the Unbaby Shower that Dana Steele threw for Marina Joy.  Cara Suttles hosted it at her house and it was so much fun!  Marina got a lot of new clothes and two precious lamps for her room.  Thanks ladies!

These are pictures of Marina Joy and Emily celebrating their birthdays at our favorite Mexican restaurant!

It was a Happy Easter for all!  We were blessed to have Liz and Bryce join us this year.  We missed Mike as he was in Japan.  Our Bill was working of course!   Restaurants are hard to get away from on holidays.  All this kids hunt for baskets after church and have a blast!  It was Marina's first easter and she looked beautiful!

What a sweet picture of marina!  I think one of the kids took it!

Another Mexican shot!  This one is of sweet Anya.  I couldn't resist!

I found this Ukrainian outfit that we bought for Anya.  She wore it when she was a little one.  Isn't Marina sweet in it?
These pictures were taken at Special Games that is held every year for the students in Chesapeake who have an IEP.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and all the kids were winners!
One last picture of Marina on her way to school.  She's gained 12 pounds in four months and grown almost two inches!  What a joy to watch her blossom!
This is beautiful Heather.  She is soon to be twelve yet wears a size 2T.  We've known her for two years and she has our hearts.   We've been working in orphanages for ten years and have never thought about adopting again until we met these two little ones.  Our dossier is almost ready and we are hoping to get this adoption done in two trips this summer.  Please help us bring this little one home.  Help us give her a future and a hope!  Please pray for us and tell your friends about us.  We thank you all for your love and prayers.

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  1. Marina looks wonderful! I am so excited for you.