Thursday, March 14, 2013

Marina Joy Turns eleven!

I haven't written in here in a long time.  Partly because of computer problems but mostly because of time.  There are never enough hours in the day.  Marina has been with us for two and a half months and everyone is moving over to make room for one more.  She rooms with our Lani who is our lowest functioning child.  Lani has Down Syndrome and is autistic so she is more limited in what she can do.  Marina has turned out to be a real blessing for Lani.  Lani gets such a charge out of this little girl!  They sometimes bathe together and Marina loves to wash Lani's hair.  It's amazing that Lani will put up with this from MJ but she does so willingly.
Marina loves to sing and she learns very easily that way.  My father always said to me, " I wish they would put your lessons to song.  You'd never forget them."   So we sing and we learn every night at bedtime.  MJ and Lani both love to hear mom sing, unlike the rest who run when I begin a song.  I still sometimes catch Marina singing one of her old songs from the orphanage.  They have a kind gentleman there who comes from the village at least once a week with his accordion and teaches the children new songs.  They gather in the main room and sing for as long as they let them.  They're always happy to perform for any visitors and never want to quit.  I think that is where Marina developed her love for music.
Marina turned 11 on March the 2nd and had a real celebration at home with friends and family.  She didn't know what to make of all the presents.  Her sister, Emily, turned 18 the same day and we had a party for her at night.  Emily was so excited to share her birthday with Marina Joy!
This one is of Emily and her many gifts that she received.  She even had a birthday tiara on!
Here's the two birthday girls.  Marina was tired after a long day and Miss Emily was making eyes at her friend Daniel who came for the festivities.  A very tiring but a great day!
As many of you know we originally planned to get two little girls that we have known for about three years.  We were only able to get Marina in December  because of paperwork problems with the other little one.  Shortly after we got home we were notified that the other girl is now available.  We were surprised as we were told it could take up to a year to get things straightened out.  She will be 12 in September and is the size of a two year old.  We spent so much time with her on our last visit there and I will share some pictures with you.  Our paypal account is up and ready to receive any donations you feel led to give.  Thank you in advance for your support in our journey. 
Please help us bring Heather home!  God bless you!

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