Thursday, November 29, 2012

Internet at last!

After being here in this village for six days we finally have internet in our room!!! We did find a very nice internet cafe but this is so much more convenient for us. We are thrilled to be in touch. Let me say it has been an adventure all the way. First of all our Ben got sick upon our departure. He presented with an infection again and was readmitted to the hospital. The next thing we knew our Liz wrote that Ben was in congestive heart failure! That hasn't happened since he was a baby. Oh my the tears we've shed! Knowing that Liz is there and that God is able to deliver we have found peace in the midst of this trial. Ben is getting better as I write this and the doctor, who finally called, seems to have the mystery of Ben well in hand. We are in the process which in this country can take a long time. We hope the papers will be approved in few days and we can have court by the middle of next week. That would be a miracle and we need one. After court we have to go to get a new birth certificate in the city of our girl's birth. It is about three hours from where we are. Everything hangs on court so we ask all to pray for a speedy process. We must be home before December 15th so we can attend Liz's graduation that she has worked so hard for. Please pray for all the family!! Thank you!!!!

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  1. Oh, Jane. So much going on at home and you so far away! I know that this must be very difficult for you and Dave. I'm so glad Ben is doing better. I hope everything moves quickly there and you are back home soon. Have you taken any pictures yet? What was your dsughter's name -- I seemed to have forgotten. Hope to see pictures of her soon. We will pray for you and that Ben will be back home soon.