Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I will try and post this note after I finish but the prompts are in Russian so.... We are here in the land of Borsch wishing for turkey on this Thanksgiving day but we are still thankful. God is so very faithful and has gone before us every step of the way. Our trip was smooth even though the jog through the airport was challenging for this mama. We have a nice flat and even have hot water for the second day in a row! Yesterday the electricity was shut off for a couple of hours. We were told the landlady hadn't paid her bill in a year. We chose to stay and hope rather than repack. We did get power back before sunset. Praise God! We went to our friends flat for dinner and a bible study. I am once again impressed at the sincerity and humbleness of these young people I meet who serve the Lord. They are lights in a very dark place. Today we have our second appointment to get our referral to go to the orphanage where our girl awaits us. We wonder if she understands that we are coming for her. We have another referral for a young girl with DS. She has a lot of needs we have been told. We shall see what the Lord would have us do. It is hard to leave any behind but we want to only do what we are called to do. That is what we've been given strength for. It is very easy to overextend. It's a beautiful day here and hope it is where you are too. Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jane and Dave. I can't wait to hear how it goes when you get to the orphanage. I hope you are able to post some pictures. God bless you.