Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My overdue blog on our Ukraine we go!


     I have been wanting to blog for so long but my computer at home crashed and well I have been home since Ukraine.  Summer is always challenging with nine kids looking for something to do.  I have been busy trying to keep them busy!   But now SCHOOL is in session!  We are in our second week and I made it in to the office to the computer that actually does something when you tell it to.
What did we do before technology?  Anyway...Ukraine in July.....It was awesome...let me show you.
     Dave and I left from Washington with our friends Jeannie and Alicia Turner.  It was their first time going to Ukraine and we thought them brave as we left the day after the Malaysian plane got shot down.  We flew United/Lufthansa. They are a great airline and so safe.  We had four wheelchairs with us and we were praying that we could get them on for free.  Used pediatric wheelchairs are like gold in Ukraine and we were anxious to get them on that plane.  The ticket agent we had was a lady from of all places,- Ukraine!  She remembered us and our ministry and was glad to put the wheelchairs through for us!  One of many miracles!
     We were so happy to arrive in Kiev and see our friends who had made all our accomodations.  We had rain that day only.  The rest of our trip was 80 degrees and sunny!  We stayed the weekend in Kiev to attend Almaz Church and see our friends.  We have had volunteers at our conferences every year from Almaz.  This year was no exception.  We had 40 volunteers!   The young people there continue to amaze me with the depth of their faith.
We traveled by train on Monday to Znamenka to see our friends at the Level 4 orphanage there.  Our friend Vita came with us to be our interpreter.  So glad she did.  It made all the difference!
We made our plans with the acting director Lena on Monday and she was agreeable to all we wanted to do in three short days.    We had plans to do a mini vacation Bible school for the children.  Dave told the stories with Vita's help of course, Jeannie and I sang songs and then we did crafts.  Alicia took these beautiful pictures.
The kids are always so happy to have guests and love to sing to us.  This time it was our turn but Jeannie and I aren't ready to go on the road yet!  We sang a song that they knew, the folks from Almaz had taught it to them.  We asked them to sing it to us but Lena said they would wait until Thursday when the accordion man would be there.  It was so sweet!
We felt impressed to get the kids out if possible.  We did get on the playground with some of the kids but we wanted to go beyond the walls of the orphanage.....where they never go.  Our first outing was to the river!  Lena told us they would go in to play volleyball maybe but would not go swimming.  We felt quite sure they would love the water once they were there.  Oh, the squeals of delight are still ringing in my ears!
That's how we started.
Then Dave ventured in.....
And everyone followed!!  They didn't want to leave!
I have got to close this blog for now but will continue our adventures soon!!  God bless you!!!   Janie

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