Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Already?

     Where did this past year go?  I know many of you echo my sentiments.  Time sure has flown by here in our household.  We have been very busy this year with our nine kids and all the activities we're involved in.  One of the things we did this spring was join a Challenger League.  It turns out that our kids comprise most of the team.  We are the Hot Rods!

What fun we've had!  This picture was taken on Mother's Day weekend at the Challenger tournament.  The other two players were sick that day so the Daulton's took the field.  It's the first time Marina or Molly have ever played softball.  They are getting the hang of it!
Six of our kids competed in bowling at the state games this year!  Three of them got medals and three got ribbons.  They were so happy to be there with their friends!
Our newest girl, Molly, has been home with us eight months now.  She went to see her endrocrinologist today who is keeping an eye on her growth.  She is such a shrimp!  She has grown an inch and a quarter in four months though.  We are hoping for lots more!!!!  The Dr. assures us she has lots of time to grow.
Molly celebrated her first Easter with us.  It was a great time! 
Molly started school in January and has learned so much.  Her sister Marina Joy is in the same class and they are doing so well.  Marina Joy got an award for the World's Best Helper and Molly got an award for the World's Most Humorous!  They are a great pair!
Dave and I will be heading back to Ukraine in July for a short term missions trip.  We are traveling with two friends this year, Jeannie Turner and her daughter Alicia.  We will be putting on a vacation bible camp for our friends at Znemenka.    This building holds over a hundred special needs kids.
We have been working there since we saw the dismal conditions there in 2002.  It has improved so much and we are in love with the wonderful people there. 
From there we will travel back to Kiev for our conference.  This will be our fourth conference and will have all Ukrainian speakers except for Jim Peipon but he's been living there for 10 years so he's an honorary Ukrainian!  Here's a few shots of last year.
The conference is held on Saturday and lasts ALL day.  We always feed our friends PIZZA for lunch!
Our friends from Almaz Church have been very gracious to volunteer every year.  The folks that come to the conference every year are so attentive.
This year our goal is to start an interest group for a Respite Resource Center in Kiev.  It is only a dream now but we have a big God and He can make that dream a reality.  The people who have disabled children have little or no support in Ukraine and a center is very needed in Kiev.  We have seen other centers in various parts of Ukraine and know it can be done.  Would you please pray for us?   It is more than we've ever taken on before but feel it is time.  Please consider partnering with us in this endeavor.  You can support us by donating on the Father's Heart button on this page.  Thanks so much for praying!  God bless you!!!
Janie and Dave Daulton

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