Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Ukraine trip - continued

     Where did I leave off on the last blog?  Oh, I know, we were in the water!  What fun we had!  The other two days we spent in Znamenka were filled with stories, music and crafts with a couple of afternoon excursions.  Here's some pictures of our days in the orphanage.

We were blessed with good weather and got to spend some quality time outdoors after the teaching and crafts.
Just a few pictures of  a pink whale and some friendly looking lions
We asked our good friends Majdi and Alonna who own the Food Gallery in town if we could bring the kids by for dinner.  They were delighted and put tables together to accommodate our party of 21.  The cafĂ© is not far from the orphanage so we were able to bring 5 kids in wheelchairs.  It was quite a parade!  Znamenka will never be the same!
Some of the girls were dressed up like they were going to the prom!  It was truly a delight to take them and watch their absolute joy at eating out! 
 What a great meal we had - pizza and fries and even bread!  They loved it all!  When we were absolutely stuffed Majdi said dessert was on the house!  Somehow everyone found room for dessert! 
Our farewell to most of the kids was the next morning.  They sang to us much better than we had sung to them I might add.  It was delightful!
That afternoon we took a bus to the neighboring "big city" to go to an amusement part and then to the races.  Big day!
We said our goodbyes and picked up some pizza and  lasagna for the train ride to Kiev.  What an amazing time we had.  So many memories!
It was Jeannie  and Alicia's first conference but our fourth.  We held it at the same place as last year.  Our dear friends from Almaz were our volunteers and let us use their equipment for our presentations.  All our presenters this year were from Ukraine with the exception of Dave and I.  We had people there who have made a difference in the lives of these special children in Ukraine.  It was a rich conference.
This is our registration table.  CBN gave us Superbook CD's to give out to each attendee and a book by John Piper was translated into Russian especially for this conference for each person to have.
God bless these volunteers who were everywhere from the snack room to the kid's room to the classrooms making everything run smoothly.
Our lunch this year was enjoyed by everyone.  Some even ate under the trees on this lovely day.
Some of  our friends did not think many people would show up with the troubles Ukraine is experiencing right now.  We just felt God would bring those who needed to hear this message.   And He did!  Seventy percent of the audience were first time attendees!   It was a great time of networking and learning.
We met so many new friends and renewed many old friendships. Everyone left with a certificate for the training they received.  We envision a Respite, Resource Center coming out of this conference.  It's called RC Squared.  We have a name and a dream and a big God.  Please pray for David as he leaves for Ukraine in October to do some follow up work there and see how God directs.
 A last dinner with some of  the speakers and volunteers was delicious and a great ending to our trip.  Thanks for following us and praying for us.  If you feel led to donate our paypal button is at the top left.  God bless you all!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My overdue blog on our Ukraine we go!


     I have been wanting to blog for so long but my computer at home crashed and well I have been home since Ukraine.  Summer is always challenging with nine kids looking for something to do.  I have been busy trying to keep them busy!   But now SCHOOL is in session!  We are in our second week and I made it in to the office to the computer that actually does something when you tell it to.
What did we do before technology?  Anyway...Ukraine in July.....It was awesome...let me show you.
     Dave and I left from Washington with our friends Jeannie and Alicia Turner.  It was their first time going to Ukraine and we thought them brave as we left the day after the Malaysian plane got shot down.  We flew United/Lufthansa. They are a great airline and so safe.  We had four wheelchairs with us and we were praying that we could get them on for free.  Used pediatric wheelchairs are like gold in Ukraine and we were anxious to get them on that plane.  The ticket agent we had was a lady from of all places,- Ukraine!  She remembered us and our ministry and was glad to put the wheelchairs through for us!  One of many miracles!
     We were so happy to arrive in Kiev and see our friends who had made all our accomodations.  We had rain that day only.  The rest of our trip was 80 degrees and sunny!  We stayed the weekend in Kiev to attend Almaz Church and see our friends.  We have had volunteers at our conferences every year from Almaz.  This year was no exception.  We had 40 volunteers!   The young people there continue to amaze me with the depth of their faith.
We traveled by train on Monday to Znamenka to see our friends at the Level 4 orphanage there.  Our friend Vita came with us to be our interpreter.  So glad she did.  It made all the difference!
We made our plans with the acting director Lena on Monday and she was agreeable to all we wanted to do in three short days.    We had plans to do a mini vacation Bible school for the children.  Dave told the stories with Vita's help of course, Jeannie and I sang songs and then we did crafts.  Alicia took these beautiful pictures.
The kids are always so happy to have guests and love to sing to us.  This time it was our turn but Jeannie and I aren't ready to go on the road yet!  We sang a song that they knew, the folks from Almaz had taught it to them.  We asked them to sing it to us but Lena said they would wait until Thursday when the accordion man would be there.  It was so sweet!
We felt impressed to get the kids out if possible.  We did get on the playground with some of the kids but we wanted to go beyond the walls of the orphanage.....where they never go.  Our first outing was to the river!  Lena told us they would go in to play volleyball maybe but would not go swimming.  We felt quite sure they would love the water once they were there.  Oh, the squeals of delight are still ringing in my ears!
That's how we started.
Then Dave ventured in.....
And everyone followed!!  They didn't want to leave!
I have got to close this blog for now but will continue our adventures soon!!  God bless you!!!   Janie

Monday, July 14, 2014

The days are packed!

     We've had such a busy July and it's only getting busier!!!  Last weekend we had the pleasure of driving to Pennsylvania to the town both Dave and I grew up in for my 45th reunion.  It was a great getaway!  We loved seeing old friends and family.  My four sisters live in that neck of the woods and we had a great get together.

They met Dave and I at our favorite restaurant in Olean, the Beef and Barrel.  What a fun time we had there!  It was a wonderful afternoon with my sisters I miss so much.

     That night we attended my 45th reunion which was so much fun!  Didn't get any pictures though.  Too busy talking I guess.  It was great to reconnect with old friends.  We really do have a great class!

          We were able to share at the Believer's Biz luncheon on Thursday on our way out of town.  Our dear friend, Jenny Jensen, who was our keynote speaker two years ago in Ukraine came to speak at the luncheon.  Jenny is affectionately known as Jenny The Jewel.  She has Down Syndrome and is a walking testimony to the power of the Lord. 

We are home long enough to wash our clothes and pack for Ukraine.  We leave on Friday!!  The Zach Hardison band did a benefit concert for our trip while we were away.   We heard it was great fun and we're sorry we had to miss it.  Thanks to the Zach Hardison Band for blessing us with this concert and thanks to all those who came out. 

     The reports about Ukraine are dismal and it breaks our hearts to see what is happening to their land.  We are so blessed to have the freedom we have.  Our friends in Ukraine are happy we are still coming even when their country is in an upheaval.  We will be in central Ukraine far away from the unrest so don't be worried  but do pray for us!  Pray that our conference will minister the hope these people so badly need.  We are still raising money any way we can so please remember us in your giving and in your prayers.  We will be gone from the 18th to the 28th and will tell you all about it when we get back.  God bless you for your support.     In His Name,  Janie and Dave


Friday, June 27, 2014

Ten and counting

     I am not talking about another adoption this time.  We have nine and the inn is full!!  In just ten days until we leave for Ukraine for our annual missions trip!    So much to be done.  We are busy making plans for our few days in Znemenka.  We are going to do a camp for the special needs kids in the Level Four we've been working in since we first saw it in 2002. 

     What a sight met our eyes that day.  We were in Kiev to adopt our Vanya aka Philip at the baby house.  I asked the question,  "where will they go when they age out?"  Our driver was willing to drive us the five hours to the village of Znemenka where even the pastor who met us at the orphanage wouldn't go inside. 

     I've written about it often because the images have never left me.  The kids languishing in their beds with only rags for diapers.  The "fish soup" that smelled to high heaven and the bottles propped up to kids mouths who were trying so hard to drink this foul brew.   When they choked because it went down too fast the bottles (which were old vodka bottles with homemade nipples) were taken away.  The bare bulbs hanging from wires in the was all so appalling to me.  I cried for a half and hour when we left.  And that's why we go back.  We couldn't leave it the way we found it. 

     God has directed our steps on every trip and allowed miraculous things to happen.  We were able to put in their first playground in 2005 and have been able to bring many teams there and call attention to this place.  The director, Tatiana, is still the same loving woman who does everything she can to get support for this orphanage.  She has done wonders.

The orphanage will always hold a special place in our hearts.  We have watched the kids grow up there.  The first adoption was as recent as summer 2012.  Most people adopt from the baby houses and the kids in "Tatiana's Place" are anywhere from 5 to 30.  We were adoption number three when we got Marina Joy.  We got Molly in 2013 and there is another girl that will be adopted from there soon.  I remembered when Tatiana asked me if I thought anyone would ever adopt her kids way back in 2002.  At the time I couldn't imagine it but now it is happening.  Praise God!
After we do camp in Znemenka we will travel to Kiev to do our fourth conference.  Tatiana will be one of the speakers along with many other Ukrainian doctors, pastors and teachers who have done ground breaking work in Ukraine for the special needs population there.  It will be Ukrainians showing Ukrainians how to make a difference.  It will give hope to a large group of people who are hopeless.
They come from all over hoping to find help in their isolation and they find others just like them who can help guide them in their wilderness.  They bring their special needs children and we provide child care and coffee breaks and pizza!
We have many volunteers who come each year to help us with the technology, the childcare, the refreshments and interpretation.   When I tell you we are doing a conference I do not mean we are just going to Ukraine to speak somewhere.  In fact this year we will probably not even get to speak as there are so many Ukrainians who are eager to share their knowledge. 
What we have to do is pay for the marketing, the university we use, the refreshments, the translators, the speakers housing and transportation if necessary and of course PIZZA for everyone!!!  We pay our friends who are setting all this up for us and doing all the groundwork and this all comes to a pretty penny.  We believe this conference is the culmination of the work we have done in Ukraine all these years.  We are hoping to find a home for a Respite Resource Center in Kiev and people to begin this work in country.  It's a dream, a big one, but we have a big God.  He specializes in miracles and we need plenty!  Please consider helping us as we go to help these dear people who need hope.  There is a Father's Heart button on this blog that you can use to give a donation.  Please help us be His hands and feet today!  God bless you all!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Already?

     Where did this past year go?  I know many of you echo my sentiments.  Time sure has flown by here in our household.  We have been very busy this year with our nine kids and all the activities we're involved in.  One of the things we did this spring was join a Challenger League.  It turns out that our kids comprise most of the team.  We are the Hot Rods!

What fun we've had!  This picture was taken on Mother's Day weekend at the Challenger tournament.  The other two players were sick that day so the Daulton's took the field.  It's the first time Marina or Molly have ever played softball.  They are getting the hang of it!
Six of our kids competed in bowling at the state games this year!  Three of them got medals and three got ribbons.  They were so happy to be there with their friends!
Our newest girl, Molly, has been home with us eight months now.  She went to see her endrocrinologist today who is keeping an eye on her growth.  She is such a shrimp!  She has grown an inch and a quarter in four months though.  We are hoping for lots more!!!!  The Dr. assures us she has lots of time to grow.
Molly celebrated her first Easter with us.  It was a great time! 
Molly started school in January and has learned so much.  Her sister Marina Joy is in the same class and they are doing so well.  Marina Joy got an award for the World's Best Helper and Molly got an award for the World's Most Humorous!  They are a great pair!
Dave and I will be heading back to Ukraine in July for a short term missions trip.  We are traveling with two friends this year, Jeannie Turner and her daughter Alicia.  We will be putting on a vacation bible camp for our friends at Znemenka.    This building holds over a hundred special needs kids.
We have been working there since we saw the dismal conditions there in 2002.  It has improved so much and we are in love with the wonderful people there. 
From there we will travel back to Kiev for our conference.  This will be our fourth conference and will have all Ukrainian speakers except for Jim Peipon but he's been living there for 10 years so he's an honorary Ukrainian!  Here's a few shots of last year.
The conference is held on Saturday and lasts ALL day.  We always feed our friends PIZZA for lunch!
Our friends from Almaz Church have been very gracious to volunteer every year.  The folks that come to the conference every year are so attentive.
This year our goal is to start an interest group for a Respite Resource Center in Kiev.  It is only a dream now but we have a big God and He can make that dream a reality.  The people who have disabled children have little or no support in Ukraine and a center is very needed in Kiev.  We have seen other centers in various parts of Ukraine and know it can be done.  Would you please pray for us?   It is more than we've ever taken on before but feel it is time.  Please consider partnering with us in this endeavor.  You can support us by donating on the Father's Heart button on this page.  Thanks so much for praying!  God bless you!!!
Janie and Dave Daulton

Saturday, March 8, 2014


     Our little Molly girl who continues to call herself Misha, which I found out means "Little Bear" made a complete sentence this past week.  She looked at me and said very plainly, "I love Misha!"  She does and so do I!  Misha is such a gift to us.  She is now in school and seems to love it.  This is a picture of her coming home from school.  She is wearing her harness which keeps her in her seat in the bus.  She will not keep a seat belt on!

She has grown an inch in just 8 weeks and gained 11 pounds!  I am trying to grow her hair out of the bowl cut she came with, thus the pigtails.  I was amazed they were still in at the end of the day!  She is not fond of anything in her hair. 
You can see from this picture of her first haircut here at home just how much she's grown.  She's grown very comfortable here and is my official Mess Maker.  She's very good at it!

You can see how this Misha has grown up in such a short time.  It is a great joy to watch her blossom and thrive as we hoped she would.  She is growing into all the clothes Marina Joy grows out of.  Marina Joy will be 12 in just a few days.  We will have 2 twelve year olds for seven months.  We dedicated both girls to the Lord at our church on David's birthday.  It was very special.  This picture shows  Marina Joy and Molly's legs.  She was being held by our friend Maurice as she was being very shy.  David said a beautiful prayer.  It was very touching.

We got Molly's official U.S. Citizenship certificate in the mail yesterday!!!   Misha is the fifth child we have adopted from Ukraine.  Ukraine has been in the news lately and our hearts have been so torn for their country.  The people there are brave.  They have been protesting in Independence Square since November in the freezing cold and would not go home until their voices were heard.  Tragically it led to many deaths.  The streets are covered with flowers in every place a hero has fallen.  A peace treaty has been signed, the president has fled,  elections will be in May.   Kiev will never be the same and we pray for this country that has experienced such heart ache.

We will be heading to Ukraine this summer to do our conference.  God has put it on our hearts to start a respite center for children with disabilities in Kiev.  David will be traveling in April to visit the center in Odessa that Dr. Irina Galina runs and to other places in Ukraine.   We know God will make our mission clearer because of this trip.  Please pray with us for Ukraine as they are struggling with a teetering economy.  We will be visiting two special needs orphanages while we are there.  We are looking for interested persons who would like to go with us on this trip.  If you would like to donate to help the orphans you can use the Father's Heart link to do so.  May God bless you!!!
As you can tell it's been several days since I wrote this.  I've had no success with getting it published!  I'll add some new pictures of the girls and try again.
Marina was singing Happy Birthday in this picture!  She sings a lot!!!!
March 2nd was a very special day in our house.  Our Marina Joy turned 12 and our Emily Rose turned 19!  We've had Emily since she was just 7 weeks old so we've gotten to celebrate every one of her birthdays with her.  She's such a wonderful child and we feel so blessed to have her.  Even though Marina turned 12 this year it was only her second celebrated birthday.  We celebrated ALL DAY!!!
These last two are of us laying hands on the birthday girls and praying a blessing over them.  We've been doing that as long as I can remember and they all look forward to it. 
And the last one - Misha praising the Lord in church.  It didn't come naturally to her as it did to Marina Joy but she joins right in now.  What a joy!
Goodnight everyone!  Hope this time it lets me post!  God bless!